Destination Wedding is on!

Another Low Country Fiction novel added to the shelf! Read all about a wedding weekend in the South Carolina Low Country gone completely wrong. Order Destination Wedding from the Barnes and Noble Website!


Introducing “Marshland!”


At the start of the Civil War, a slave family escapes from a plantation outside of Beaufort, South Carolina, living off the land as taught by their ancestors. When their comfortable life is suddenly disrupted by an unfortunate encounter with a Union Army Soldier causing them to flee again, these ex-slaves fear that being caught and sent back to their owners is the least of their worries. As the family makes their way from the mainland of the South Carolina Low Country, to Pinckney Island, and finally to Hilton Head Island, they encounter many ex-slaves along the way. However, Luther, the head of the family, takes people as they come finding that some are able to help, while others, even the most trustworthy, can cause hurt. Will this family finally make it to freedom or will their trouble finally catch up to them?

Two Month Countdown

Are you from the Low Country? Do you have a love for History? Are you a Civil War Buff? Do you enjoy a good mystery? My new novel, Marshland has all of the above for you to read and enjoy two months from today. I’m so excited!