Destination Wedding for Kindle is $2.99 on Cyber Monday!
As Maid of Honor, it is Maia’s job to make sure that her sister, Marissa’s Daufuskie Island wedding goes off without a hitch. Clay, the groom, has the difficult task of reining in his flamboyant family before they cause catastrophe to this otherwise dignified affair. Maia and Clay find their duties to be challenging as there are problems with the dresses, bridesmaids, girlfriends, nosy relatives, and a rapidly approaching storm. If that is not enough to make an already high-strung bride call off everything, there is the family secret that threatens to ruin the entire wedding. Will Clay and Marissa make it down the aisle, or will their Destination Wedding just be an expensive party?


“The Promise of Palmettos” is now available on Nook!!