Jazzy’s Beach Day Blog

I wrote this blog before my son was diagnosed with autism. While he knows more words than he did three years ago, he is still considered to be non-verbal at almost 6 years old. Hopefully, one day he will be able to write his own blog without his own thoughts.

Palmetto Author


My name is Jazzy and I will be three years old in one, two…um seven days. Yesterday, I went to the beach with Daddy, Mama, and my older brother. Mama led me by the hand as we walked on something called a “boardwalk” to the ocean. She said that when she was a little girl, they used to walk from the car along a footpath and that would take them to the beach. When we finally got off the boardwalk, I stepped into some soft dirt that moved under my feet. Daddy and Mama kept calling it, “sand” and there was a whole lot of it. But beyond the sand, I saw all of the water and I wanted to go right to it! I didn’t understand why Mama kept pulling me through the sand, the water was the other way! I cried and fell down to make her understand…

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