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New Edition

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am an old school music kind of girl. I love Mariah Carey (I’m kind of scared to watch her judge American Idol this season because I might end up cussin’ out Niki Manaj). There are very few people that I sing in front of, so when I’m alone, I like to pretend that I can hit those high notes. Other “High Note Queens” that I enjoy are Mimi Ripperton and Rachelle Farrell (My husband and I actually fell in love over Rachelle Farrell). I love, LOVE Earth, Wind, and Fire. I have always heard their music growing up, especially on those long trips to Hilton Head, but when my band director at Hampton, Mr. Barney E. Smart (rest his soul) wrote a score for Reasons for us to play during our Homecoming game that, year I was sold on their music. My mom and dad got me the EWF Box Set for Christmas, which trumped even the VCR they had also gotten for me. I was a proud mama when my son, was singing along with Philip Bailey in falsetto. And of course if I love EWF, I have to love Mint Condition as well.

Okay, I could go on all day about great music but there is a purpose to this post. Someone might try to argue me down on this but I am and will always be the biggest New Edition fan ever. Ever. A story that comes to mind is back in high school when they came to Savannah on tour. I was so excited because my parents said that I could go with my cousins, who were of the same age. I had visions of looking “fly”(that is what we used to say back in the day). I imagined the group pulling me up on the stage with them to do the dance moves with them. It was going to be a wonderful night. Then my dad broke the news. When he had gone to purchase the tickets, there were only three left. Three tickets, four cousins. My parents decided that rather than to choose which cousin would not go, their daughter would be the one not to go. I never appreciated the magnitude of that decision until having children of my own. Doing the right thing, verses breaking the heart of your own children. I know that it broke their heart to break my heart. Faced with that decision, I also would have most likely sacrificed my child’s happiness to do what was right. And my heart was broken.   The next day my cousin came to see me. She didn’t brag about her being able to go while I stayed home. Instead, she gave me a poster of New Edition as a gift. It wasn’t the concert, but it was treasured all of the same. Go into my childhood room now and the Janet Jackson poster is gone. The Bobby Brown poster is gone. The Michael Jacksons…gone. And so is anyone else that I had hung on my walls over the years. That same New Edition poster, the one that my cousin gave me however, is still hanging in my room. My mom even framed it for me.

I finally got to see New Edition, by the way. My husband is the one who made that dream come true. A couple of months after my son was born, we saw them in Charlotte. It was awesome and probably better than the one I missed. First, I got to experience it with someone I loved and Secondly, there were more songs to choose from. A dream deferred sometimes turns out better than you can ever imagine.


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