Mother Church Emmanuel, Oh How I Mourn Thee

It could be easy to say that I am angry. Compared to the actual storm inside of me, it is such a tiny emotion compared to what I am actually feeling. There was a point when the death of Black people on the news was so frequent it was mind-numbing. This church shooting right chere, though (Gotta channel my inner Gullah/Geechee) got me stirred up to where I am boiling over. It’s close to home. It occurred at the epicenter of my denomination. It was church. This person strolled into Bible Study at Emmanuel AME, sat down for an hour, proceeded to shoot preachers, teachers, and future leaders, and strolled out again leaving heartbreak, confusion, and anger in his wake.  We can’t even attend Bible Study anymore without having to doing a pat down of the participants. Forget about Meet & Greet. And once again it’s a question from the masses of whether the shooter was ill or a racist. Why can’t people admit this was a racist act in an attempt to wipe out our best, our storytellers, and our future that the victims represented? You cannot rationalize what is not rational. So once again, we are on our knees in prayer for families, for the community, and for Black Lives, which matter.


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