The Proposal

The other day, my husband showed me this cute video of a choreographed dance wedding proposal. I couldn’t see the entire thing due to an interruption concerning a three-foot person, a Tennessee Volunteers tumbler, flying water, and a couch, but from what I saw, I was quite impressed. For those not worried about Toddler Interruptus, you can view the video here. Pretty cute, huh? Dude went all out to show how much he wanted to spend forever with his girlfriend.

When I wrote Destination Wedding, I neglected to put in the story how Clay actually proposed to Marissa. Maybe it was an oversight or maybe I wanted the reader to use his/her imagination. Even though I didn’t include the proposal in Destination Wedding, I am remembering mine and perhaps I did not include the popped question because perhaps I figured that no proposal would ever top mine ;). I think of myself as a simple person, meaning that I don’t tend to go for the elaborate things. I didn’t know what my wedding dress would look like at the age of five. I didn’t think about bridesmaids when I was young. For me, rings just got in the way, so I didn’t need the biggest one. And I didn’t really dream about my dream proposal. But I had a dream proposal. I was blessed enough to meet someone who didn’t go for the elaborate either, but the meaningful.

My proposal took place in New Orleans, interestingly enough. I say that it is interesting because I always remember Angela Lewis, which was Halle Berry’s character in the movie, Boomerang describing New Orleans as a place where you take someone you love and just… chill.

...and just chill.

and just… chill.

Well I never really got a chance to “chill” with someone I loved while living in New Orleans. I was there for a different purpose. I went to school to study urban planning in New Orleans. I had a lot fun with my good girlfriends in New Orleans. Did some internships there. Learned a lot about the city and her culture. But no chillin’. Even still, Angela’s words stayed with me. Two years later after graduation, I returned to New Orleans with that person I loved. Aside from attending the sessions (We were there for the American Planning Association Conference), we rode the street car through the garden district. We strolled along the riverfront. We ate the best food. We partied at the House of Blues and the Rock and Bowl. And we chilled… Then I got proposed to on that last day, in the rain in front of Saint Louis Cathedral. Right there in the city made for chillin’ with the one you love. No bells. No whistles. No dancing. No Honda CRV. No barge-sinking ring. Just my man and me, along with 50 strangers, and a dozen pigeons. For me, that was the best proposal I could have gotten.

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2 responses to “The Proposal

  1. I’ve always wanted to ask your husband of all the places in NO, why that particular location. I’m (almost) over the fact that he denied your girls the opportunity to witness this momentous occasion, but I give him credit on creativity for choosing St. Louis Cathedral.


    • I’m not sure. I think he tried to find the perfect place. I just remember him saying that he wanted one last look at the city before we left and he drove like a madman to different spots until we ended up there. I’m sorry you guys missed it though. He probably didn’t want to ask at Zachary’s. LOL!


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