Jazzy’s Beach Day Blog


My name is Jazzy and I will be three years old in one, two…um seven days. Yesterday, I went to the beach with Daddy, Mama, and my older brother. Mama led me by the hand as we walked on something called a “boardwalk” to the ocean. She said that when she was a little girl, they used to walk from the car along a footpath and that would take them to the beach. When we finally got off the boardwalk, I stepped into some soft dirt that moved under my feet. Daddy and Mama kept calling it, “sand” and there was a whole lot of it. But beyond the sand, I saw all of the water and I wanted to go right to it! I didn’t understand why Mama kept pulling me through the sand, the water was the other way! I cried and fell down to make her understand that we were going the wrong way. Mama picked me up and carried me over to where Daddy and my brother were. They were already taking off their shoes. Mama was helping me take off my shoes and shirt. Oh, she wanted to get me ready for the water. I understood then and stopped crying. Then Daddy and my brother took me by the hand and led me through the squishy, wet, sand towards the water. This wasn’t water I was used to. Usually, water came out of the faucet, came out of the fridge (I press the button when Mama isn’t looking) or shot up through the air from the ground. Sometimes it filled up the tub and I got to go in it. But this water was big. And loud. And I couldn’t see where it ended. And why was it coming at me so quickly. Daddy and my brother held my hand as I dipped my toes in. The water felt warm as it covered my feet. Then it left and the wet sand under my feet began to move. I felt like I was moving too. I squished my toes in the mud. But when that water came back at me, I made a run for it. After a little while, Daddy and my brother took me back to Mama and we had a snack at the towels. Mama and Daddy pointed at the white birds, calling them, “sea gulls.” A lady decided to feed them a snack too. I thought that was nice of her because she was feeding them my favorite food: potato chips. Mama and Daddy didn’t like that too much though. They said that potato chips aren’t good for birds. Mama also pointed at the kites in the sky. She said that when she was little, Grandpapa also used to buy her kites to take to the beach. I wanted to see the water again though, so I took Mama by the hand and together we went back through the squishy sand to the edge of the big water. I ran to the ocean, feeling Mama close behind me. The water was coming towards me again and I stopped where it couldn’t get me. Mama picked me up and dipped my toes again. The sand squished through my toes as the water left my feet. The water felt nice and warm but I liked the wet sand better. My big toe was covered in squishy sand. I wiggled it because it looked interesting covered up like that. Mama tried to get me to go in the water again but I ran from her. I wanted to stay in the wet sand but I wasn’t going back in that big water again. Mama, Daddy, and my brother took me back to the towels again and I found that dry sand was fun to play in also. I covered Mama’s legs with the dry sand. I did that until Daddy said it was time to go because the sun went away. Bye, bye beach, we’ll play another day.

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