Weddings: Dignified or Disastrous?

Summer is the time for weddings. These days, it’s a given that the blessed event will be filmed and posted to social media. Furthermore, it’s a guarantee that the footage will end up on my timeline. Some wedding clips bring tears to my eyes. Most though, have me clutching my pink pearls while crying because I am wondering who on earth allowed such ratchedness to take place. Which one said, “that’s cute! Do that,” thus validating this foolishness. No one has any shame anymore, and that’s a shame. I cannot help but to think back to my own wedding, and the list of “don’ts” my mother gave me. Don’t pick black bridesmaids dresses. Don’t smash wedding cake in each other’s faces. Don’t do a raunchy garter belt display. Oh, if she only knew what other mothers needed add to their list of “don’ts” because good bridal sense has gone completely awry, maybe she would not have worried so much about what I might have done. Don’t drag your infant down the aisle on your wedding train. Don’t you and your bridesmaids do a striptease to Drunk in Love at a crowded reception. Don’t do the Harlem Shake at the sacred altar. After all, these wedding events will be photographed and videographed. for posterity and progeny. I mean do you really want the world to see parts of you that should have been reserved for your spouse’s eyes only?

In Destination Wedding, Marissa works hard to maintain a dignified affair, but there are a few wildcards out there that makes this task difficult. Sometimes, depending on who you invite, weddings just take on a life of it’s own. But the bride and groom do have some control over their own behavior. They need to ask themselves, when their grandchildren flip through their ipad, smart phone, or good old fashioned photo album, what will they see? Dignity or Disaster?

Meet the other character types in Destination Wedding:
Those who value weddings over marriage
That Couple
The Ex Who won’t find their Next
The All About Me Parent
Fathers are not the Reserve Parent

The One who Don’t Need a Job
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