You are Invited to a Destination Wedding!

It’s been eleven years in the making, but Destination Wedding is finally finished. My husband and I, actually outlined this novel in the car on the way home from a particular wedding that we attended. We wanted to know what would a wedding weekend look like where everything went wrong. We had been married ourselves a little over a year, and we faced many obstacles that led up to our big day. After witnessing a lot of drama and taking a lot of creative license, Destination Wedding practically wrote itself. A couple of months later, I was actually typing the words, “The End.” I couldn’t believe how the story came together. When I started this process, I sent my manuscript to a few publishers for consideration, but… that glaring “no” that jumped off the page of the rejection letter was like a knife to the heart. After being turned down a few times, I just put the manuscript away in a box. Back then, I never thought in my wildest dreams that I could publish Destination Wedding, but now there are self-publishing opportunities that weren’t available a short decade ago. So, after eleven years, I present to you, Destination Wedding.


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