Preserving Palmettos: My Planning Journey

As I am working on the prequel to “The Promise of Palmettos,” I am reminded of this particular blog post.

Palmetto Author

I’ve blogged a lot about my dad and grandmother and how they taught me to appreciate Hilton Head. I have to give my mother a lot of credit too. She’s always taught me to appreciate the beauty of things. When I was a child she would point to a Blue Jay or a Robin Red Breast. There were interesting bugs to see. I think that one backfired on her because I would hold my own bug centimeters from her face and say, “Look Mommy, interesting!” Mom would point to all the trees on the way into Hilton Head and from then on, I called it “Going through the trees”. My mother also taught us, my sister and me, to appreciate architecture or as she says, “ah-kitecture (she’s from Providence, Rhode Island). That finger of hers pointed to wrought iron fences and stone archways, Victorian Style and Gothic Style, and it…

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