10 Things You Need to Know When Visiting Hilton Head (Part 3)


I got a little bit down to business on Part 2, but went for a lighter approach with these last four points. And now for Part 3…

4) Stay away from Touristy Areas where Hilton Head Islanders, who spot you wearing the t-shirt of said place(s), won’t roll their eyes at you. – Yes, I know that was a long title, but it really needs to be said. People need to know that there are other places to brag about visiting that aren’t quite so um…cliche. If you visit Hilton Head, may I point you in the direction of Roast Fish and Cornbread; Spanish Wells Seafood; The Grant’s Business Complex on Highway 278 that consists of a mini market, gas station, a diner, and fresh produce market. I also love The Crazy Crab, although I’m not a fan of seafood, so it is a great place for my family to get their fresh fish good eatin’, while I grub on the chicken.

3) Don’t Ignore Broad Creek. – While a visitor may feel inclined hang out on the south end of the island, there are some activities within the island’s interior for the whole family to enjoy:
*ZipLine Hilton Head
*Daufuskie Island Ferry

2) It takes work to find public beach access. – I alluded to this in #6. It is a crying shame that an on an island that is known for their beaches, it is difficult to find a place to get to the beach! When I was young, getting to the beach was the least of our problems. These days, out of 12 miles of beach, the public has access to maybe three places if they are outside of a subdivision. So here are the three that I know about:

*Burkes Beach – Get yourself there early because parking is limited. Or just bike there. Also, the good
thing about this beach is that there is a park nearby as well, if you want to vary your activities.

*Driessen Beach – There is more parking here, but you’ll have to pay a small fee. There is an excellent boardwalk here where you can access the beach and a small playground.

*Coligny Plaza – Again, there are parking issues, so go early. Or go during transition (You know as well as I that some beach goers prefer to go during the heat of the day and some prefer to go at dusk). If you’re lucky, there are spots close by or else search for on-street parking. If you go to Coligny, be on the look-out for an awesome oak tree. It’s a great place for a photograph.

1) Drive Carefully. – This is last, but certainly not least. There are a lot of people (and cars) on an island that is only 12 miles long and 3 miles wide. Take away public access for the majority of the island, and that’s even less space to accommodate weird driving habits from people all over the country (and world). Please take that into consideration as you are racing towards your next activity.

Many of these issues that I have counted down in Parts 1, 2, and 3 can be read about in my novels, The Promise of Palmettos, Marshland, and coming this fall… Destination Wedding.

So as you visit Hilton Head, take in the island through the eyes of an islander, considering all that I have discussed. Most importantly, enjoy your stay.

*** Update 1/25/18: Unfortunately, Roast Fish and Corn Bread has closed ☹️***


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