Family – Part 1

Forgive me for not posting for a while. Between releasing a new novel and chasing a growing toddler around, this has been a hectic 30 days. Oh and I have been coordinating my family reunion…On my mother’s side. That definitely has taken a lot of out of me. It is a special time when my mother’s family gets together because we don’t get to see each other that often. When we do though, there is none of those awkward moments of trying to feel each other out. Nope. None of that. We always fall into that comfortable rhythm of people who have known each other for a lifetime. We just vibe like that.

It was unfortunate that between the early 1990s to about 2010, the reunions just…fell off. Before that point, my uncle was instrumental in bringing us all together for our reunions. He thought that it was important to 1) Know where we all come from and 2) Meet the members that make up this large family of ours. Four surnames comprise our family tree, but there are only three that are represented at the reunions, one name overwhelmingly so. That was evident as I stood up along with about 25 others during the family roll call as our surname was called. In spite of our reaching out with open arms to the other branches, that one particular surname is always the majority presence. I want to use this platform to let the other three know that they are always welcome to join our proud, history-filled, nutty, spade-playing, smack-talking, hard and soft drinking, always laughing, sometimes crying, sometimes misunderstanding, all-traveling, open-hearted, vast-political-viewing, multi-cultural, always hugging, over affectionate clan. We never ask why you went away, but we’ll always tell you that we’re happy you came.

Sadly, we lost one of us this week. While we are all grieving over the fact that he is no longer with us, we should take comfort in that he has been pulled into the welcoming bosom of those dearly departed. And you know what? They’re all happy that they are together once again, having their own reunion.


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