Traveling to the Palmetto State

Yesterday we set off for a much needed time with family, beach, sun and most importantly, a reconnection with history.
My son wanted to know how long it took to get from Knoxville to Hilton Head. Although we had to go over that huge mountain, it still doesn’t take as long as if we had to travel from – say Northern New Jersey.
the trees
As dusk settled last night, I found myself remembering how I as a young girl, would be filled with anticipation during the “tree” part of the journey. It meant that we were getting closer to the island. I loved how the trees would be so thick that they kept out the sunlight. But there would be certain points during the journey that would just open up…


And it would be Marshland (see how I slipped that on in there?)for awhile before the landscape returned to the dense trees.

the bridge

My heart still beats with anticipation everytime we cross the bridge onto the island.


And finally…home.


2 responses to “Traveling to the Palmetto State

  1. I love to go back to Hilton Head one day. We were too busy preparing for the “big day” to really take time to appreciate our surroundings.


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