Palmetto Writer – Part Two

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Mostly, I blog about my life growing up on Hilton Head Island. Sometimes, I throw in a couple of posts about planning, architecture, and history because those are my passions and basically that’s what I write about. Today, I think I just want to talk about my writing experiences in general.

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be an author. I say “author” rather than “writer” because I have always written something, whether it be a creative writing assignment or scribbling a tragic entry in my journal. While growing up, I used to have this narrative of my life in my head, mapping out who said what and oddly enough, describing the scenery around me. I knew that someday what I had formulated in my mind, I would put down on paper professionally and that would make me an “author.”

Yesterday one of my favorite authors, Eric Jerome Dickey requested that his fans post pictures of all of the books we have that had been written by him. I was certainly up to that task and by the time I enthusiastically pulled all of my books from storage, I had about fifteen books written by EJD that I owned. So as I was taking pictures of my books, I found myself wondering how long would it be until I had enough books written to ask whatever fans that I may fortunate to have, to pull out all of their books that I have penned, to take a photograph to post on my page. While I do not yet know the answer to that question, I do know that I have to be patient and recognize that this particular author, as well as others, took time to build their fan base of loyal readers. And in spite of what some may say (or post) there is plenty of room for all of us writers. I know this for a fact because of the boxes of books in my garage by countless authors of different genres and I’m always adding to my “To Be Read” list.

So anyway, the pictures that I had taken and posted on Twitter of my fifteen books written by Eric Jerome Dickey was actually retweeted by him and I could have just passed out from happiness. Will I ever have that affect on my readers someday? Time will tell. And that’s the point – It will take time.


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