Palmetto Writer

I read somewhere that an author doesn’t become well-known unless he or she has at least five novels published. I have actually written five novels. I just completed my fifth manuscript last month, which I plan to have ready for an audience in two months. But here’s the “gotcha.” I haven’t published five novels and that is a huge difference. When I started writing, I didn’t have the resources that are available now. If as a kid, I was able to upload my work for everyone to read and hopefully, enjoy, I would have sure enough done so then. Perhaps, I too could have been on the Today Show, explaining how I became a millionaire writer at 15. Actually, the being a millionaire as a result of my writing is a longer shot than becoming published. Nevertheless, I am grateful for the opportunities to publish because I do enjoy writing and show casing my work. I probably won’t publish the first three manuscripts that I have written. I’ll just call those “practice runs.” So if we want to get technical, I am actually three novels away from becoming a known author. I am willing to put in the work to accomplish that goal and beyond. Also, I am hoping that I am not alone my journey and that I am successful in building an audience of loyal readers, joining the ranks of accomplished writers.


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