2003 – D.C. Debut

This is another short, sweet, and to the point…

Kevin and I drove into D.C. It was our first American Planning Association Conference as “old married people. The actual conference didn’t stick in my memory as much as I would have liked. More of my memory comes from what occurred outside of the event. I have always loved D.C. The Greco-Roman Architecture, the original design of the streets, the history, this city has it all. It’s a great place for a conference of planners. Kevin and I spent this time walking near Georgetown and in Adams Morgan, but we didn’t go to the Mall like most people who visit the city. I think as planners we are more interested in neighborhoods. I love the rowhomes. We actually peeked at a couple in the neighborhood next to Howard University, particularly one belonging to my aunt and uncle. We knocked on the door, but they weren’t home… ‘Ms. A’ attended this conference but alas, ‘Ms. M,’ didn’t make it, thus breaking up our trio. Many of our friends did not attend this conference. It happens. As we work for different organizations and under certain circumstances of timing and/or funny money, it can be difficult to make APA. It’s sad when you think about a lot of people who you are used to seeing at conferences are not in attendance. At this point, it’s not just the sessions, the workshops, or the events, it’s the people who you connect with every year that makes these conferences memorable. At least, that’s why I remember them.


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