2002- Chicago Changes

The Chicago American Planning Association Conference took place two months before our wedding. I would call Chicago a significant time for me. I’ll get to the point with this one.

1. I learned that Chicago has the most extreme weather of any place I have ever visited (“Cussin’ Cold” during the beginning of the week and hot as hades during the latter part).

2. It was the last conference where my name badge would read, “Sheryse Grant.”

3. It was the last conference that ‘Ms. A,’ ‘Ms. M,’ and I would attend a conference together.

4. We actually went to that night club that caught fire nine months later resulting in a deadly stampede.

5. I learned that Frank Lloyd Wright was a brilliant architect thanks to an awesome mobile workshop.

6. From the park to the hotel is an especially long walk…especially if you walk in the wrong direction.

7. I learned that Long Island Iced Tea is not my friend.

8. Most importantly, I was surrounded by people who love me, and I love them.

That’s pretty much all I have for that one…


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