Professional Conferences can be Life Changing

Planning PhotoThis week, Urban and Regional Planners from all over the country will be traveling to Chicago to attend the American Planning Association Conference. My good friend, ‘Ms A.’ from our friendship circle will be the only one of us in attendance this year. I have fond memories of these conferences because for me, they are where some life changing moments have occurred. If you have read my novel and know me personally, then you know that the main character, Lauren Malone has some similarities to Yours Truly. The biggest coincidence is our planning background. In commemorating the release of “The Promise of Palmettos,” I thought that it might be fun to blog this week about my own conference experiences, while the conference is in session. I have always enjoyed the APA conferences. For me it was an excellent way to make connections. It is where I have met friends. It’s where I found my first planning position, which was in Anderson County, South Carolina (Yes, I actually lived in the Up Country for a while!). I even met my would-be husband at a conference. Most importantly, I became engaged during an APA Conference.

I find it amazing how far everything has come since my first conference. Before, when you couldn’t make the event, you would have to catch up with friends who attended in order to get the low down, and it was usually pretty eventful. These days you can get a minute-by-minute update via Twitter! How amazing is that? You can find the American Planning Association Twitter Updates on #APA13. I’ll also be recalling memories from the Planning and the Black Community Division, of which I was once a member. Follow them on Twitter #PBCD13.

So if you are a Land Use Planner and you are tuning into my blog, I am inviting you to post your own planning memories in the comment section.


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