New Novel on the Horizon

Right before my younger son’s first birthday, I embarked on an ambitious writing journey. It was ambitious for me, at least. Since I am a teacher of history and culture, I tried my hand at putting it in a fictional novel set in, of course, the South Carolina Low Country. The process of writing historical fiction is no joke. Everything written has to coincide with actual historical events and that means doing research. Lots of research. I did take some creative license but the places that I wrote about are real. Because it’s an actual journey, one that I was told occurred some years ago, I decided to write the book depicting those events in three sections. Each of these sections represent a different place and has its own separate adventure under a big underlying theme. I am proud to say that I finished it last evening. After submitting it for editing and securing my favorite cover artist, it is my hope that my second novel will be available in June. If you enjoyed the Promise of Palmettos, maybe you would like to see how it all started.


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