Missing: Terrilynn Monette


I’m going to break from my usual blog format to talk about a young lady who has been missing since March 2nd. She went out with friends to celebrate a milestone in her teaching career and disappeared from a bar. Just vanished without a trace. Yes, I realize that men, women, and children go missing everyday. It’s heartbreaking and I weep for their loved ones because that is a pain no one should ever have to endure. I find myself having to talk about Terrilynn Monette, however. While I have never met this woman, she speaks to me because she could have been me. First, she was taken from Lakeview in New Orleans, which isn’t far from where I went to school. Secondly, she’s a teacher. She came to New Orleans as a fellow who is placed in inner city schools. Third, she’s my sorority sister, a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Incorporated. I understand that this young woman is originally from California. I can’t help but to wonder as I am writing this if she, like me came to New Orleans to make a fresh start in her life only to have this happen. I’m not going to ask the rhetorical question as to who could be so sick as to snatch this young woman in the prime of her life. I just pray that we find her alive.


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