De Jew Law an de Promise wa God Gii

15Me Christian bredren, a gwine taak bout ting dat we all know. De promise ob God same like wen two people gree bout sompin an sign a paper fa say dat. Dat mean fa say dey mek a cobnant. Ain nobody kin change wa dey gree fa do een dat cobnant an pay no tention ta um. An nobody kin add mo wod ta um needa. 16Now den, God mek e promise den ta Abraham an ta de chile ob e chullun chullun.. God Book ain say, “an ta ya chullun chullun,’ cause e ain beena taak bout a whole heapa people wa all been Abraham chullun chullun. God Book say “an ta de chile ob ya chullun chillun.” Dat mean fa say God been mek a cobnant wid Abraham, an e promise fa do wa e tell Abraham, an e promise fa do wa e tell Abraham e gwine do. Wen God gree fa mek dis cobnant yah, e wait fo hundeud and tirty yeah fo e gii de Jew people de Law. An dis Law yah ain neba gwine change wa God promise, or mek dat come ta nottin. 18Ef wa God gii come ta somebody cause dat one da do jes wa de Law say, den dat mean fa say dat blessin ain come ta de poson cause ob wa God promise e gwine do. Bot God promise dat blessin ta Abraham, an dat wa mek God gim de blessin. 19So den, wa mek God gii people de Jew Law? God gii people de Law atta e gim de cobnant fa show um dat dy da sin. An Christ de chile ob Abraham chullun chullun. An e de one wa God taak bout wen e mek de promise. God sen some angel dem fa come gii Moses de Law. An Moses been da poson wa gone tween God an de Jew people. E pass de Law on ta de people dem. 10Now dey ain no need fa a oda poson fa go tween, cep wen dey mo den jes one poson. An God, e jes one. an ain need no oda poson fa go tween.

Galatians 3:15-20


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