The Silent Partner

The first book I read to my husband when we were dating was Friends and Lovers by Eric Jerome Dickey. Maybe it was because it’s about two people who make an instant connection like Kevin and I did. Since then my reading to him became our ritual only now I am reading chapters from my own manuscripts. Although I have published one book, I have actually written five manuscripts and in the process of completing a sixth.

I don’t know if Kevin knows this, but it’s hard to read my writing to him because it’s the only time when I feel really exposed and his opinion means a lot to me. But I trust him with it. I get nothing but the truth from him. He lets me know when I’m on the right track. He lets me know when some things need work. I enjoy the ritual, which can take place anywhere. My favorite is the long car trip. We have been known to knock out an entire idea for a novel on a road trip. That’s what happened with The Promise of Palmettos. The car trip is also used to fine tune my ideas. I definitely need a car trip for the novel I’m writing now. Though I have completed the first draft, I am still not sure of its direction. Like my other projects, I can’t finish without Kevin. He’s my silent, yet special partner.


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