Excerpt from The Promise of Palmettos

She‟d been in this room many times throughout her life, but she looked as if she were seeing it for the first time. Every last child, grandchild, and great-grandchild had a picture on the shelves, the walls, and the fire place mantle. There had to be over a hundred photographs in that room. Baby pictures, school pictures, graduation and wedding photos, and photos just because. The photographs were a timeline of achievements for each LaCrosse. But they were more than just photographs. It was a representation of a strong and proud family. The huge portrait of Henrietta and Lazarus stared down at all of them. Then Lauren spied the smiling picture of Delmar and was suddenly aware of his presence. He was gone

from this world but his spirit was still in the room and in their hearts.

Lauren had almost lost her courage to ask her grandmother to put into place the final piece of this puzzle. But being surrounded by the people she loved and those who loved her, she found the strength to ask her question.


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