New Year, New Novel

Happy New Year! I would like to wish everyone a wonderful 2013. Most people make resolutions at this time and try to stick to them. It takes a lot of committment and willpower. I admire those who are successful. Personally, I don’t make resolutions as much as I set goals. My biggest goal for 2013 is to complete a historical fiction novel that I began writing last summer called, Marshland. I have to admit that writing this manuscript is pretty challenging. The first challenge I discussed in a previous post called Toddler Interuption. The second issue is a little more daunting. Marshland is set in the South Carolina Low Country during the American Civil War. This is hard for me because I have to make certain to maintain the historical accuracy of this time period as well as exercise creative license. I have to include words that I don’t use…at all. Ever. I have to depict humiliations. It’s hard to imagine, let alone portray in print. I have to make it exciting and entertaining. I personally thought the slave movie, Django Unchained balanced the history and creativity pretty well. Love the movie or hate it but Django has everyone talking. There are several blogs debating that topic to which I have made my own comments, so I won’t get into the movie too deeply. I will say this: I hope when I do complete Marshland, it will inspire as much passion and discussion from my readers as well.

Please come with me on the journey for my second novel. From time to time I will post my progress and maybe an excerpt or two. Meanwhile, I’ll still be Palmetto Posting. Hopefully by this time the following year I will have accomplished my goals.


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