Toddler Interruption

I have always loved to write. It’s a good way to relieve stress and there is nothing like seeing your words come to life in a story. My latest project is a historical fiction piece that’s going to take a lot of work and dedication. Writing this new novel though has been a real challenge. The biggest one is almost two feet tall, has chubby cheeks, bright dark eyes, and fast little hands. I don’t know if I’m the only one who does this – maybe I’m weird or something – but I cannot just type out a novel on a keyboard. I have to write by hand the first draft of my manuscript. In fact I believe there’s a notebook paper landslide of first drafts in my garage. So anyway, I try to write and this cute little blur with feet climbs up my legs and then pounces into my lap. Ooof! One day this child is going to find out how small his mama really is and how hard it is to steel against those linebacker moves of his. Lawrence Taylor has got nothin’ on this kid. After I catch my breath – because Little Man has knocked the wind out of me – I attempt to write down this brilliant thought before I lose it. No, that’s not happening because the baby decides he’s going to snatch the pen out of my hand, scoot down my legs at lightening speed, and run away as fast those little feet can carry him, laughing all the while. As I try to keep the thoughts of the plot from leaving my brain, I chase my child around the livingroom (and who taught him to fake right and go to the left?)trying to grab back the pen. When I get it back, I again attempt to get my thoughts down and – snatch! This time, the boy has scaled the furniture, coming at me from a different angle. After the third time, I realize that the first draft of this manuscript will have to wait until naptime, which is not for another hour. So I put the cap back on the pen, close the notebook, and put both to the side. This time, I pick up this cute little person, sit him in my lap, and together we sing, “The Wheels on the Bus”. Well I sing, anyway. I’m rewarded with his chortles of glee as that’s what he wanted all along. Attention from his mama. Smart kid, that one.


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