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My good friend just returned from a trip to Spain and she is recording all of her adventures on a Travel Blog. What a neat thing to do. I could have used a site like that while growing up. When I went on a trip, to sleep-away camp, or conference, I would write everything down in a notebook so I would remember all the events. I have since lost the notebooks. Even that River Road trip of which I spoke last blog, was recorded to its minute detail. Maybe it’s all in an attic somewhere.

I’ve fallen off recording my adventures. I should have kept it up because my husband and I have had some times for sure. There was the capsized boat, our journey through the Grant Projects in Harlem, the urine-smelling hotel room, the flat tire on the Florida Turnpike. I could go on. Regardless, it was all blogging material.

Believe it or not, my grandmother would have made an excellent blogger. Imagine all of what she had seen and experienced, particularly on the island where she was born and raised. She wrote down everything. On everything. She wrote about traditions and of days gone by. She wrote about her life, which is so different than what we see now. That’s something to treasure. I think I can count about 5 times I have used her knowledge to complete a report, including my undergrad and grad thesis, and she was pulling out something that she’d written down, can’t say it was always on notebook paper. Once, she even pulled out something on cardboard. I imagine when inspiration hit, she wrote down on whatever was handy. I think I still have that cardboard somewhere in my childhood home. I remember what it was about too. It was about her riding to Savannah from Hilton Head on a riverboat, where they partied all of the way there (Sounds like a good time to me!) and Grandmama could dance too. I know this because I saw her at my sister’s wedding. She was in her 80s moving like a woman in her 20s. Go ‘head, Grandmama!

My grandmother was an excellent storyteller. Imagine what she would have been able to do if her life story was one big blog? Hmm…


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  1. I love all kinds of journals and buy them all the time, though I never write anything in them. When I was younger, I tried keeping a diary, but just lacked the discipline. I wish I could have written down the stories my grandmother shared with me the summer before she passed away. I’m sorry to say that I don’t even remember what she said, just the hours I sat listening to her. Those are the memories I’ll treasure.

    While I think handwritten journals, letters, etc. are far more personal, technology has made it much easier for us to communicate, as well as record and keep special memories alive.


  2. I think if you really think about it, you may remember something from your grandmother. Start with the smallest thing and write it down. Hey start by writing about the hours that you spent with her, that in itself is worth recording. And you are right those are treasured times.

    I’ve still got empty journals I haven’t written in either. I’m thinking of starting it up again, especially while the boys are growing. A lot of stuff worth remembering


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