Low Country Fiction Writer, Sheryse Noelle DuBose

Sheryse Noelle DuBose captures that Sea Island Experience!


Destination Wedding
As Maid of Honor, it is Maia’s job to make sure that her sister, Marissa’s Daufuskie Island wedding goes off without a hitch. Clay, the groom, has the difficult task of reining in his flamboyant family before they cause catastrophe to this otherwise dignified affair. Maia and Clay find their duties to be challenging as there are problems with the dresses, bridesmaids, girlfriends, nosy relatives, and a rapidly approaching storm. If that is not enough to make an already high-strung bride call off everything, there is the family secret that threatens to ruin the entire wedding. Will Clay and Marissa make it down the aisle, or will their Destination Wedding just be an expensive party?

At the start of the Civil War, a slave family escapes from a plantation outside of Beaufort, South Carolina, living off the land as taught by their ancestors. When their comfortable life is suddenly disrupted by an unfortunate encounter with a Union Army Soldier causing them to flee again, these ex-slaves fear that being caught and sent back to their owners is the least of their worries. As the family makes their way from the mainland of the South Carolina Low Country, to Pinckney Island, and finally to Hilton Head Island, they encounter many ex-slaves along the way. Some are able to help, while others, even the most trustworthy, can cause hurt. Will this family finally make it to freedom or will their trouble finally catch up to them?

The Promise of Palmettos Amazon Image
The Promise of Palmettos
Urban Planner, Delmar LaCrosse was raised to believe that ancestral land is a more important commodity than money. At a young age he, along with his two cousins, Lauren and Netta, promised Granddad Lazarus that they would never sell the family?s 1000 acres of prime property on Oak Grove Island, a sea island off the coast of South Carolina. Tragically, Delmar is murdered when he is determined to keep his promise, and it is up to devastated Lauren to find his killer. With the help of her husband, Kyle and friend, Detective Jefferson Pierce, Lauren gathers clues that points to the CEO of a development company, Bryce Wessler as a possible suspect. Wessler, along with a group of investors, have earmarked the entire island of Oak Grove for large scale development and he needs desperately for the native islanders to sell. Quite a few residents have already struck a deal, however it is the hold-outs who have this developer desperate. Wessler is willing to do anything for these lynchpin areas, including having affairs and attempting murder. When Lauren finds out that Delmar and Wessler have actually crossed paths, she is more than convinced that he is guilty. Lauren is also troubled by her grandmother, Henrietta, who in addition to being heartbroken is harboring a lot of guilt over Delmar?s death. She knows more about the tragedy than she is willing to say. As Lauren digs further into the mystery, she discovers a family secret about the land that could potentially put her own life in danger.

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